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Who This Course Is For

This course is for people who have a lot of stress and guilt around their food choices and often life live either "being good" or "being bad" regarding food rules. It’s for those of us who overthink food choices, or are overwhelmed, or stop caring. It's for people who want to learn about intuitive eating, or have gained weight when they tried to eat intuitively. This course is for people who are exhausted with their relationship with food and their body and are ready for a new approach.

  • The eating patterns that you have right now are not going to change on their own. The next diet program is not going to fix anything, because any success you have will not be sustainable. Until you correct the brain patterns that drive you, nothing will be different.

This course will help chronic dieters, people who need to lose weight for health reasons, people who are binge eaters, people who swing between trying to lose weight and giving up, people who want to learn how to accept their bodies, and people who carry shame around their eating habits and their appearance.

You can take this course at your own pace.

Course will include practical food assignments as well as a deep dive into the behavioral roots of your relationship with eating

  • Module 1: Intuitive and mindful eating

  • Module 2: Investigating the patterns that drive us using the Internal Family Systems model of the brain and behavior. Understanding our motivation to change from a deeper level. Incorporating the concepts of detaching from outcome, since caring too much creates subconscious resistance

  • Module 3: Continuing the process of working with our inner landscape of parts. Focus on self care and connecting with inner calm

  • Module 4: Self sabotage comes from a part in us that needs something. Identifying and correcting impulses to eat that are mindless or emotionally based

  • Module 5: Part of us wants to stop eating but part of us doesn’t. Reducing anxiety by working with inner polarizations

  • Module 6: Your nervous system is hardwired to keep you safe. Understanding why it is so hard to change and how to relate to your situation using the ladder metaphor. Polyvagal Theory

  • Module 7: Your childhood experience and how it connects with present day experiences.

  • Module 8: Food addiction, physical pain and other extreme parts. Training the brain to respond differently

  • Module 9: Body Image and body positivity. Working with unhelpful brain impulses that need us to fit in

  • Module 10: Recap of course with a focus on training the brain to dismiss unwanted and unhelpful thoughts. Focus also on courage, compassion, and acceptance

Begin the journey now. Because waiting will not help anything.

This is not only a program of transformation, it will allow you to join a small community of others who understand you.

  • Each class includes pre-recorded videos of Betsy teaching.

  • Many written handouts, food logs, and other helpful information which you can print out

  • Audio recordings to help with mindful eating and also to help you work with your thoughts in a new way

  • Membership into a private facebook community where you can connect with others who share your struggle

Questions From People Considering Enrollment

  • I am not on facebook. What will I miss if I don't connect with the facebook group?

    The facebook group is very small. Occasionally course participants post comments reflecting their struggles, little victories, ideas or questions about content. Many people in the course choose not to join the facebook community but still receive the full benefit of the course material.

  • What if my work schedule is too busy for me to focus on the course during some of the weeks?

    The course is totally self paced. Some people might prefer to take the class at a slower pace and only open up the course lessons every two weeks rather than weekly. This is totally fine.

  • Will I lose weight in this course?

    Many course participants want to lose weight and find that applying the methods in the course do lead to weight loss. The majority of people in the class end up reducing stressful eating behaviors, which in turn promotes weight loss. Many participants are interested in stopping a habit of dieting and want to stop obsessively thinking about food and their bodies. This course will help with that.

  • A friend took this course and told me that the course ended up being about a lot more than just eating behaviors. What does this mean?

    The course includes a deep dive into behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that contribute to all aspects of eating. It’s an exploration of many things that don’t relate directly to eating but that often cause people to eat mindlessly or to overeat. The course can help enlighten you with incredible insight for your entire life.

More About Betsy

whatBetsy is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and has many years of experience working as an eating disorder clinician, nutrition therapist, and life coach. She is a member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and has a self-described addiction to learning. She values her connection with a spiritual community, regular physical exercise, cooking and eating. Married with 3 grown children, she considers personal growth to be a continual process on the life journey, constantly in motion, expanding and growing with new insights. She hosts the popular podcast titled "Binge Dieting" and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 

You don't need to be on a diet to get the results you want

How many times have you convinced yourself that you could finally achieve what you wanted, but it ended up as yet another failed attempt? This is because the solution was doomed from the start. My program offers a new way.

This transformative program will include pre-recorded videos and audios, written material and membership in a facebook group where you can communicate with others in the course and with Betsy.